Top Five Wednesday: Favorite Angsty Romances

Talk about your favorite ships that have a healthy side of angst. (definition: adj.: describes a situation or literary piece which contains dark, depressing, angry, and/or brooding emotions from the participating characters.)

My favorite romances are the ones that are minus the angst. There’s allowed to be some drama, but not so much that I am bored by it. Couples that are always fighting or breaking up and getting back together irritate me. Either you love each other enough to stick it out and work out your differences, or you break up. None of this, “but I love him!” crap. This is not a Lifetime movie.

Moving on, here are five angsty romances I have read (NOT my favorites.)!

Juliette, Adam, & Warner in Shatter Me


Holy enchilada, Batman. If there isn’t some DRAMA in this book. Yes, the angst… BUT THE DRAMA.

Juliette’s romance with Adam was so confusing. One minute he’s an anonymous roommate who kicks her out of her own bed, forcing her to sleep on the ground; the next he reveals that he’s been in love with her since ‘nam. OH YEAH, and she realizes she’s been in love with him too for just as long? Okay. So how did you not recognize each other when you were forced into a prison cell together? Not only this, but she also takes every chance she has to ogle the villain. Who has made it his life’s mission to torture her and hurt the people she loves. Makes sense.

I don’t plan on finishing the series, so I already know she doesn’t end up with Adam (spoiler alert.)  We could have had no other characters in the book and we still could have filled at least 300 pages with whining, crying, sniffing, shivering, shaking, trembling, passive action, insecure comment, etc. I’m sorry if you liked this book, I have a lot of feelings. Read my review here! #shamelessselfpromo

Tris and Four in the Divergent Series

Tris and Four’s romance popped out of a birthday cake and yelled “surprise!” Not that I didn’t see it coming, because how can you expect to read a YA novel and not have some sort of hormone induced romance between the pages?  There wasn’t any sexual tension between them. Their romance came out of nowhere. The only thing I liked about it was that there was no love triangle. I can appreciate the lack of a good love triangle.


Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald in Z: The Beginning of Everything

There’s so much anger between Zelda and Scott throughout the entire book. They were in love, but they actively made each other miserable. Their relationship is just as fascinating as it is tragic. (The series is on Amazon Prime video! Go watch.)


Sloan and Asa in Too Late

Every relationship in this book was a complete mess. This whole book was a mess. OMG and the baggage… where’s the tylenol?


Edward and Bella in Twilight

Don’t tell me you didn’t know this was coming.

Edward Cullen funny I Like Watching You Sleep, I Find It Fascinating - Bloody Hell

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